All About The Koru

Introducing the power of the KORU

The spiral in the KORU has a profound meaning. It is the spiral of life itself. As the immediate representation of Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, it represents a new beginning and a new life. Each day we have the opportunity to do this with our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

If we choose to be positive, we strive, and do well. If we choose to have negative thoughts we will go down the spiral until we hit rock bottom! That's why Koru Design has been created to help you harness the power of the KORU. The KORU contains the energy of love and it connects us all to our own hearts. Connect to your heart and the KORU by designing your own or using one of our designs to find your greatness. 

We are all powerful beings and it is our birthright to explore.

But how do we bring out the uniqueness inside each and everyone of us? The KORU lets us connect to our potential and our talents. By working with your own designs, you can utilise this power to open up to the many possibilities.

Every KORU design has a 'spiritual' meaning and your own unique design can be shared with each printed material.